TB Children's Services prides itself on helping and guiding young people and their families into the right direction through the many services we have to offer.

Now offering Dyslexia Therapy

TB Children's Services is proud to have added Dyslexia Therapy to our list of services.  Children will go through a intake process where they will be evaluated to find the right program to go with throughout their sessions. 
  1. Behavioral/ Therapy
    We offer behavioral consulting, in home therapy, both consults and therapy are also available through our online system.
  2. Support Groups
    We have support groups in place for parents, siblings, and grandparents.
  3. Activities
    We offer a variety of activities throughout the year for children and the families.
  4. Academic Enrichment
    Does your child really like a specific topic they previously learned about and they want to know more? We offer specialized lessons that work with your child to enrich what they are already interested in and to continue to build on that knowledge through various techniques. All classes are customized to the specific child.
  5. Resource Coordination
    Struggling to find resources for your child and need assistance? We offer resources coordinating to help benefit your family and their needs.
  6. Social Skills
    Social skills classes are heald monthly and are broken down into various topics and levels.