TB Children's Services prides itself on helping and guiding young people and their families into the right direction through the many services we have to offer.

Our Partnerships

  1. Autism Touch Therapy
    Autism Touch Therapy provides training for parents to learn the skills necessary to provide their child with a therapeutic massages to help benefit them at bed time.
  2. Christmas Tree Gala
    The Christmas Tree Gala is a non-profit that helps support the senior citizens in this area. TB Children's services has partnered up with them through working with the special needs adults that come from the Woods Services to help work to put items together to be donated to teh seniors.
  3. Everlasting Dreams Charity
    Everlasting Dreams Charity works to help children in foster care and group homes. They collect various items through out the year that can be donated to this population.
  4. Tiara's Loving Children - Non-Profit
    TLC is a special needs pageant held yearly for 0 to 21 at no cost. This pageant is strictly run on donations and by volunteer support.